Focus On News-Green Tax For Foreign Trade Is Coming Soon
30 July 04

Green Tax For Foreign Trade Is Coming Soon



Environmental tax is a kind of protection to pollution in international trade, the taxpayers are enterprise, institutions and other production operators who directly discharge taxable pollutants to the environment, as an alternative to the implementation of the nearly 40 years of sewage charges system.


The main collection scope of environmental tax is: air pollutants, water contaminants, solid waste and noise four kinds. From the standards of levy, enterprises who are easy to produce sewage, exhaust, noise, solid pollution are the focus of monitoring objects.


Environmental Tax Standard:


Air pollutants: each pollution equivalent of 1.2 yuan to 12 yuan;

Water pollutant: Each pollution equivalent of 1.4 yuan to 14 yuan;

Coal gangue pollutant: 5 yuan per ton; hazardous waste: 1000 yuan per ton;

Noise in the number of decibels, if the industrial noise exceeds 1-3 DB, the enterprise will levy 350 yuan a month, if the noise exceeds 4-6 db, then the monthly levy of 700 yuan, if the noise exceeds 16 db above, then the monthly levy of 11200 yuan.


For example, take medium-sized furniture enterprises whose annual output value of 50 million yuan as the benchmark as an example:


Annual payment of Air pollution tax, the cumulative amount of about 60-120 thousand yuan, the tax payable on water pollutants, the cumulative amount of about 8.15 million yuan, the need to pay sawdust, dust, chemical waste, and other solid waste tax, accumulated about 150-300 thousand yuan, and the amount of noise required to pay, accumulated about 5 to 20 thousand yuan per month.


To sum up, annual environmental tax of a medium-sized furniture production enterprises should be 300-700 thousand yuan.