How Did Wood Cutting Board Odors
30 July 04

1. prepare warm water about 60-80 ℃.

2. Add fresh lemon slices in the water (not too much water, to be able to smell the lemon).

3. tissue paper (clean the veil) on the cutting board, pour the prepared lemonade.

4. after half an hour later, wash cutting boards with qingshuiqing, so that the cutting board odors without.

One can also use white vinegar instead of lemon, but more refreshing lemon scent.


Cutting board do not use chemical detergent to clean. Some cutting board very strong water absorbing capacity of these chemicals would be inhalation of wood, affect health.

Using the cutting board after drying drying and not too dry wooden cutting board easily cracks under the Sun, drying effect of disinfection can be achieved effectively.