How To Buy Cutting Board
30 July 04

Available on common Board with bamboo, wood, and plastic, but qualified bamboo cutting boards should be made from natural plants, material is solid and not prone to cracking or dregs, dirt can not easily be stuffed into the cracks, cleaner, and easier to clean. Bamboo cutting board easier to dry, is not easy, no smell, is a good choice. The ointment is, bamboo cutting boards due to insufficient thickness, are spliced into stand when using bash, so it's best to cut vegetables or fruit, meat is not appropriate.

Wooden cutting board material is very thick, toughness is very strong, suitable for meat or cut hard foods. But in use, easy to cut out wood residue, mixed meat dish eaten in the body in the long run are detrimental to health. In addition, wooden cutting boards used for a long time, cut easily accumulate dirt, easy to clean, and some types of wood such as poplar itself is prone to cracking, again, more likely to breed bacteria. For wood cutting board absorbent, easy to dry, if in a humid environment for a long time, it is easy to mold, lead to inflammatory bowel disease. Therefore, the wooden cutting board use vegetable oil for 2 hours before use, it is not easy to crack. Be sure to select the safe wood buy cutting board, white fruit, cassia nomame wood, Birch or Willow cutting board made of ...

There is also a natural oak cutting boards, the use of selected natural wood mosaic, moderate hardness, not easy to wound the knife, not easily deformed, not easy to burst; when used does not produce wood chips; moisture-proof mold; natural antiseptic, is easy to clean; tough thick, beautiful and decent, wear well, can be considered species.