How To Choose The Cutting Board
30 July 04

The cutting board (the blade board) is one of the tools that the paper model player must have:

1. Cutting plate will protect the blade, extend the life of the blade;

2. Cutting board will also protect the desktop, to avoid the desktop was a variety of sharp tools to scratch, or to avoid glue and paint pollution desktop;

3. Cutting board can also make cutting convenience, some veterans even without steel ruler can be cut in the cutting board easily cut out the line.

Good cutting board should have at least the following characteristics:

1. Good raw materials, so as to automatically heal after cutting.

2. Cutting layer to be thick, so as to protect the blade long-term use, while cutting the board itself is also long life.

Cutting plate maintenance:

Usually on the flat surface; to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight; do not use chemical solvents to clean.

Cutting board deformation how to do:

The cutting plate is heated as a whole and then placed on a flat surface after cooling.

What kind of cutting board can not buy:

In general, as long as the production of regular large manufacturers of products, can be assured to buy.

But individual manufacturers will buy scrap, with recycled materials to produce cutting board. This is indeed turning waste into use, but the quality of the product is poor, the cutting plate does not automatically heal the function, and the cutting layer is not flexible.

We can observe the side of the cutting board, if used or want to buy the side of the cutting board is black, then it is inferior products.

Some players like the black cutting board, even the black cutting board, the quality of the product side is not all black!