How To Extend The Life Of Chopsticks
30 July 04

How to clean chopsticks

Many people wash the chopsticks very "boldly", the whole chopsticks under the tap, and then to the chopsticks box, and then drain, but inevitably will accumulate water, yellow fever toxins, daily cooking temperature in life is difficult to achieve complete sterilization.

The correct method of washing should be: first rinse the surface of chopsticks, and then wash the scrub carefully with detergent, disinfection and drying into the disinfection of the cupboard, but also rinse and drain the water, we must fully dry the water and then put in the chopstick box.

Put chopsticks into the boiling water every week for half an hour, placed in the air drying and then use, so still can achieve good disinfection.

How to extend the life of chopsticks

In order to extend the service life of chopsticks, first, do not bite chopsticks when eating. If the chopsticks head is bitten, the surface of the groove will be stained with many residual food crumbs, greasy and other dirt, if not cleaned; it will breed a variety of bacteria, germs, such as Helicobacter pylori most likely to spread on chopsticks, causing Gastroenteritis. Second, do not fry food with chopsticks which we use to eat food, because bamboo chopsticks carbonized black after the fried, the hardness worse, easy moldy, dregs, possession of dirt, paint and chopsticks contain lead, chromium and other heavy metals, the Frying may have a risk of heavy metal poisoning and cancer. Therefore, the best fried foods with special bamboo chopsticks.


During the choice of chopsticks, do not use chopsticks with color painting, and use disposable chopsticks as less as possible.