How To Finish An Oak Cutting Board
30 July 04


Cutting boards are essential in the kitchen. These useful items come as separate tables, as slide outs inside of cabinets, as portable surfaces and in a wide variety of materials. The most familiar cutting board is made of wood. There is a lot of concern about germs on wooden cutting boards, but if you maintain your board properly, that concern can be reduced significantly.

Clean an oak cutting board with soap and water and then spray the surface with undiluted white vinegar. White vinegar kills up to 80 percent of bacteria and it is safe on food grade wooden cutting boards and utensils.

Apply a coat of food grade mineral oil to the surface of the cutting board. This oil will cause the wood to swell slightly and the grain to tighten, making the cutting board less porous. Apply several coats if the cutting board is brand new or hasn't been oiled in a long time.

Apply a food grade wax of the type that is recommended for wooden salad bowls. Typically these waxes are made of beeswax and oils. Clapham's Beeswax Salad Bowl Finish is often recommended. Simply rub the wax over the oiled cutting board and rub until you like the finish.