How To Maintain Wooden Cutting Boards In Daily Life
30 July 04

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The cutting board is a must-have item for our home life. It must be understood that the knowledge of its maintenance is not very detailed. Let the cutting board manufacturer give you a brief introduction.

1, after the use of household chopping board with a small amount of oil on the surface of the board, until the board surface to dry the oil, flip the other side of the oil poured up. After repeatedly pouring the forest, the cutting board is not easy to crack.

2. Note that it is not necessary to use hot oil, because hot oil will change the internal wood tissue, but it is easy to crack.

3, buy a new chopping board should be used often, can not be placed in that do not, often kept moist, in the shade to prevent the cutting board at the outlet at the wind or exposure, it is best to give the cutting board with a clean special towel The cloth should be sized so as to completely cover the entire surface and sides of the dish. This will not only provide a moisturizing effect, but also prevent the hair dryer from blowing hair. The cutting board is not easily cracked after the cooking board is used for a period of time.