How To Place Bamboo Cutting Boards Correctly In Summer
30 July 04

bamboo cutting board 06191.jpg

1. Take the brush or the steel ball of the rice cooker to scrape the mold, and cook it in a large pot. Or take cleansing detergent and clean it, use hot water to permeate it thoroughly, then spread salt and go to the sun under the sun just fine. However, do not expose to the sun and the menu will crack. If you do not use it, you should put some salt in it and often take it out.

2. Can be immersed in rice water, add salt or alkali scrub, or rub it with ginger or onion several times, then use hot water to wash brush, wash and then pour vinegar on the cutting board, put it in the sun to dry Dry it and wash it with clean water.

3. After each cut, the white vinegar is sprayed on the cutting board and left for half an hour before being washed. This will not only kill the remaining bacteria on the cutting board, but also make the odor disappear quickly. The mildew rate can be reduced.

Summer is very simple to reproduce the bacteria on the cutting board, so it is very important to grasp the correct placement method. For our health, the needs are clearly understood.