How To Remove Grease From My Wood Cutting Board
30 July 04


Cutting boards can be made from several different materials, wood being one of those. Cutting boards are used to cut all different types of foods. Some foods are greasier than others--like bacon, for example. A regular cleaning of your wooden cutting board won't be enough to cut through the grease and completely remove it. You will need to use a wonderful product called vinegar to remove the grease.

Remove any leftover food that may be on the cutting board with a paper towel. Use another paper towel to soak up as much of the grease as you can.

Hold a washcloth over your sink and pour vinegar on it until the wash cloth has absorbed as much vinegar as it can. Ring your washcloth out.

Wipe your wooden cutting board down with the vinegar. According to Green Footsteps, vinegar is an excellent degreaser. What's Cooking America also suggests using vinegar because of its power to disinfect your cutting board.

Rinse your washcloth out with water and add a drop of dish soap.

Wipe down the cutting board one final time to get rid of any vinegar smell or taste that would be left on your cutting board if you didn't wash it.

Rinse your wooden cutting board clean and let it air dry.