Identify Ironwood Cutting Boards With Normal Wood Cutting Boards
30 July 04

One, See features. Ironwood/Jian wood cutting board the age long wood dense and hard, cutting boards made with it, with no mud cutting boards, water immersion, no corrosion, smooth surface, clean, long life. General wood cutting boards, maple, Catalpa ovata, hemu, wood wood soft wood chips.

Second, look for density. Ironwood/Jian wood cutting board wood specific gravity, sinking in water, whether ordinary wood.

Third, the texture. "Jian wood cutting board wood, Ironwood/Twill texture staggered, ordinary wood are not.

Four, hardness. Ironwood/Jian wood cutting board with your thumb nail Nail Polish settlement of cross section marks, common wood.

Five, listening to the sound. Ironwood/Jian wood cutting board with a hammer knocking issue such as the sound of the clanging of iron, while the common wood made Slappy beep beep sound.