Improve The Quality Of Life Of The Whole Family, You Only Need To Change A Good Chopping Board
30 July 04

The current situation of the use of family cutting board

Raw and cooked foods are cut on the same cutting board; rinsed with water; used for many years; bruises in the kitchen.

We all know that food should be fresh, healthy, and cooked, but we ignore the chopping board that makes food! Over the years, the cutting board is full of knife marks, edges, cracks and black mold, various bacteria in the stealth, raw food bacteria and parasites directly through the cooked food intake, causing digestive system and other diseases. For your family's health, you need a safe and environmentally friendly cutting board!

Cutting board should be cleaned and replaced in time

Scalping, scraping, and rubbing, do you often clean and disinfect the cutting board? This is not thorough!

You can smear with ginger, you can also spread salt on the scraper on the cutting board to disinfect.

But pay attention to ventilation, dark moisture will make the board breeding bacteria. Experts remind us to change the cutting board regularly, usually from 6 months to one year.