Introduce Three Kinds Of Material Service Tray
30 July 04

Plastic service tray As the name suggests, the main production of raw materials for plastic, so called plastic tray, mainly for warehouse shelves, transport goods and internal turnover use. I introduced the plastic injection molding process in the plastic service tray of the difference between raw materials, plastic injection molding machine production of plastic pallets mainly use high-density polyethylene raw materials production, the current sub-several different materials production, a new material, the new material back to the material ratio , Granulation material, back to the material production of these materials, of course, the new material production of plastic tray, in the same structure, the same weight case is the best.

And the return of the production is generally a one-time use of the turnover, the main use of the current warehouse or logistics and other long-term frequent use of the plastic service pallet based, of course, needless to say, the worst, not suitable for long-term use, usually Manufacturers will not return to the plastic service tray sold to the user as a long-term use, is not up to the use of the requirements.

Then we should pay attention to the first three materials, and the current market share is the best of the new material and granulation of the main, the new price is expensive, the price of granulated materials to benefit a lot, the quality can also be. New material back to the material ratio, depending on how much the new material, the quality of instability, the price also see how much the decision to match.

Plastic products industry in China has a few decades of development history, plastic service tray as a plastic industry, "an important member" in recent years, get a rapid rise. With the rapid development of the network, the rise of the logistics industry has also led to the development of plastic pallets, plastic industry in the market also has a place. Here we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of three different material tray.

Compared to paper trays, wooden pallets and metal pallets, the plastic service tray seems to be more popular with the warehousing equipment in the logistics industry. From the point of view of corrosion resistance, the plastic pallets are the best, and the plastic pallets are the worst Resistance to moisture, plastic tray performance; in price, the wooden tray has the advantage of paper and plastic wood followed by the most expensive steel tray; in the use of the use of plastic and steel pallets are better than paper, wooden pallets. The above is enough to show that the plastic tray, in the plastic industry and the tray has obvious advantages. However, due to the actual use, according to different uses, some trays are difficult to replace other varieties. But the hurry industry overall, plastic and paper tray will be more promising products, and which in turn to the most plastic pallets.

The above is a brief description of the three different material service trays. How much do you know how much you know? If you have any questions about the information on the plastic tray, please contact the China Pile Company for further information on the plastic tray.