Is It Necessary For The Kitchen To Buy A Dish Rack?
30 July 04

The Dish Rack is one of our home furnishings. With the Dish Rack, the kitchen dish dish bowl bowl is more convenient to put up. The Dish Rack are usually made of stainless steel, so that the kitchen can withstand a certain degree of moisture, but also enough solid, can withstand the maximum weight of the Dish Rack, Dish Rack placed on top, so that we use and find. So good things, Xiaobian today must be recommended to everyone, then come and talk about the characteristics of the Dish Rack, the installation steps and its price bar.

The characteristics of the Dish Rack

1, the Dish Rack is used up and down the double-layer design, the upper can put a dozen plates, sink can put 20-30 bowl.

2, the disc holder drawer-type drain design, you can drain out of the water can be drained directly, and very easy to clean, and the material used is made of PP material, there will be no harmful substances, so clean The request.

3, some of the Dish Rack are also designed to have a hanging chopsticks tube, you can easily remove the bottom of the cleaning of the hole in the small hole design, you can store a family of chopsticks, so that refused to bacterial residues.

4, whether it is thick square or thick circular chopping board, can be placed on the bowl above, and thicker cutting board on the top will not fall. Is used inside the centripetal force design, to ensure uniform reception of the Dish Rack.

5, the lower side of the cage design, using the two sides surrounded by love fence, you can easily accommodate two bowls, to meet the needs of a family.

6, environmentally friendly PP material made of non-slip mat not only can prevent the scaffold scratches the table, more isolated from the table of water stains, increasing the stability of the Dish Rack.

The installation steps of the Dish Rack

1, in order to allow us to use more convenient, in the installation of the Dish Rack when the rack must take into account the layout of the kitchen and the needs of our daily life, such as cooking when you can easily reach the location, if not commonly used , You can install the kitchen in a vacant position, in short, according to their own needs to install in the kitchen where there is vacancy.

2, we all know that the kitchen area is relatively small, so when the installation of the Dish Rack when the kitchen must be a reasonable use of vacant location.

3, because the Dish Rack are often used in our daily life and cleaning Dish Rack with water, so when placed on top of the Dish Rack will be leaking, then the best is to install the Dish Rack in the bowl next to the dish, because this water The stain will not get the kitchen countertop everywhere.

4, as long as the grasp of the installation of the main point of the Dish Rack, then the installation will be very easy, whether you choose to hang on the kitchen wall or placed in the kitchen of the kitchen, mainly based on your Kitchen specific space, but now many families are placed in the dishwasher next to the dishwasher, because it is easy to clean and take.

The above is about the characteristics of the Dish Rack, the installation steps and the price of the relevant introduction, in the manufacturers recommended, we can find a few more Internet access to compare, try to find cost-effective manufacturers. If your home is just the kitchen lack of dish rack, you can also choose to go to the supermarket or shopping malls to buy, where you can see the physical and specific size, you can choose a fine texture of the brand to buy. Finally Xiaobian to remind is: Although the Dish Rack on the kitchen table is very convenient, but also take into account the evening when people will not have a cockroach to invade. Hope that the above content is helpful to you.