Keep Cutting Board Hygiene Tips
30 July 04

1. separate raw and cooked

Because there is more bacteria and parasite eggs on the lettuce, so that contamination of cutting boards inevitably, if the cutting board for cutting cooked food, will make cooked food contamination. Best two cutting boards. Hull itself has a strong inhibitory and bactericidal function, in the production process also added micro-ultra strong sterilization function of elemental silver nanoparticles prevent bacterial residue well, combined with high hardness and easy to clean, ensuring when switching food, there will be no dirt remains on the chopping block.

2. keep it clean

Traditional cutting board after brushing with a hard brush and water, dirt washed off along with the sawdust. If a smell such as fish, meat, available dissolved salt wash water or dishwashing liquid facelift, then wash with warm water. Do not use boiling water hot, because the protein residues in the meat on a cutting board, heat hardened and difficult to wash. After washing up to dry.

Bamboo cutting boards after a period of time, used a kitchen knife on the cutting board the wood scraping, or chipped wood plane, making dirt cutting board thoroughly cleaning and cutting board, flat and easy to use.

1. cutting boards are generally made of wood, because of the wooden cutting boards with seams or moth holes, easy to breed bacteria, so frequent washing or boiling water or soup to keep the Board clean.

2. hot summer humidity, cutting board is prone to mildew, so whenever I run out of food, clean cloth to clean, keep the State in a ventilated place to dry;

3. If the cutting board has the old molds, cutting board can be placed in the rice water or detergent, scrub, and then washed with water, and can be placed in a ventilated place to dry, but don't place wet cutting board in sun exposure to prevent its deformation, which affect the use.