Kitchen Dish Rack Selection Method
30 July 04

1 material

Tableware racks use the material to compare the key, because it is long with water, vinegar, alkali and other substances touch. In general, the use of 304 stainless steel material on the contrast, to avoid rust, and there must be acid resistance (to avoid vinegar accidentally dripping on the above corrosion of the shelf), alkali, easy to clean when cleaning, scrub with a soft cloth on the line , We use the moment will be long.

2 capacity

The size of the Dish Rack is closely compared with the number of people. On the status of many people at home, advocated the selection of a large capacity, lengthened widened Dish Rack. Less personnel, the use of supplies are not many, you can pick a small capacity, to avoid possession of too much space position.

3 open the convenience

In the kitchen, there are a variety of different tableware, such as: chopsticks, cups, plates, bowls, they use the accessories will be different, if you can freely open, and in the installation is also convenient, we can meet our The same need.

4 can be linked

The use of the spatula, spoon these items with the items are not suitable for placing, how to do? About these special cutlery, give you the idea is to pick the Dish Rack can be hung up, is more appropriate.

5 deepen the rack

When we pick the kitchen shelves, some of the Dish Rack on the bowl to a little attention, advocate picking up the deepening point, so when the plate is not easy to fall, when the use of relatively centered. Some storage racks will be relatively shallow, if the situation in the water with the dishes can be slipped down to form a damage.