Market Demand Determines The Price Of Plastic Serving Tray
30 July 04

Plastic Serving Tray manufacturers to develop the price strategy is not so simple, the price war does not mean that is low. From an economic point of view, the price elasticity of plastic pallet products is determined by the supply and demand sides, when the product price decline, will naturally bring the demand rise, which shows the price of plastic Serving Tray products with high flexibility. Popular terms, is the product price sales immediately go up, the price has value. Under normal circumstances, the plastic products industry like to lower the price line, most of the basic focus on small and medium manufacturers, simply not have the industry brand height, just want to intensify the price war to promote sales increased. On the plastic Serving Tray and even the entire plastic products industry, the price war, even if the seller to buy it, customers can buy it or "unknown."

Today, the plastic Serving Tray market is free and fully competitive price, not by a manufacturer can decide, both in the "game". You drop others will naturally drop, leading to the final demand has not changed, but the overall price of the industry pulled down. For example, wine industry is a highly competitive industry, which should have "corkage" example, "corkage fee" is simply the waiter's "hidden bribery", just launched when the effect is obvious, the waiter will be your Attitude and enthusiasm "is not general", but if other home also began to have it? This is the same as the price of the same product, the last will lead to the industry into the vicious competition cycle.

Plastic Serving Tray price war has two types of low and high prices, companies have to use high-priced strategy to win, but a talk about "price war" will naturally think of low-cost strategy, and even think this is the "price butcher" embodiment. In fact, the industry in the capital chain breaks, the product quality problems and other enterprises have to play low-cost, at the expense of profit at the expense of the rapid growth of turnover, which is tantamount to chronic suicide. When the decline in corporate profits, the equivalent of R & D, technology, transformation, marketing, management and other areas to reduce, resulting in lack of business development potential.

Many people are talking about plastic Serving Tray business integration of resources, cross-border thinking and other issues, in fact, everything is a price, not a low price can solve the problem, all the integration of profits are nonsense. In other words, who is willing to accompany you to play it? Plastic Serving Tray business do not lift the stone hit his feet.