Production Technology Of Bamboo Cutting Boards
30 July 04

1, bamboo processing into bamboo, and get rid of bamboo on bamboo;

2, cut them into long pieces of bamboo bamboo;

3, the fragments bundled into cylindrical bamboo bamboo tablet bundle, bamboo bundle of bamboo in vertical arrangement in the fiber direction;

4, the bamboo into the kettle, bound with wax liquid-submerged bamboo food, at atmospheric pressure, heating and cooking 1.5~ 7.5 hours; wax boiling pot wax temperature of 160~180℃ wax boiled bamboo when I finish phase of moisture content of bamboo pieces for 3%~8%;

5, and will Bamboo tablets bundle from liquid within out, in bamboo tablets bundle not cold Shi that on its Shi to extrusion processing, extrusion processing Shi used pressure mechanical will Bamboo tablets bundle followed by pressure into within cavity for round Taiwan-like of tapered mold and within cavity for cylindrical-like of can opened mold, in pressure into process in the, bamboo tablets bundle axis to into tapered mold of big caliber end, again by tapered mold of both diameter end into can opened mold within, by said tapered mold of both diameter end of diameter and by said can opened mold of diameter same; in pressure into Bamboo tablets bundle zhiqian, Advance in open embedded fastening ring around the inner cavity of the mold, bamboo bundle in the cone-shaped die extrusion pressed in molds can be opened, namely into the tight circle of nature, forming bamboo pieces combine, and the fastening ring gripping products;

6, open the mould can be opened, remove the product mentioned above.