Tea Box Focus On Design Practicality
30 July 04

Tea packaging has become a key part of the sale of tea products; such as the more emphasis on brand advertising tea more attention to tea packaging, the more attention to tea packaging, the more attention to tea packaging design; In fact, packaging design is a practical art, but also their own specific The means of expression. It is not only need to be beautiful, reflecting the value of art, but also practical, for the goods, to better reflect the value of goods; so in the box design process, we must pay attention to the use of materials, product information, consumer aesthetic, Different scenes and other aspects of the problem, be able to design a matching product packaging, to achieve the desired purpose; its specific attention is as follows:

1, pay attention to form and function and material combination

Tea box design of the three-dimensional modeling and the display surface of the flat processing, must be combined with the function, materials. The form should first be adapted to the protection of the contents of the content, the use of the requirements, but also pay attention to changes in form and materials used in combination of physical and chemical properties. Should be prevented in the design of consciously into the blind form of the game, for the form and form. Improper use of the form, but will weaken the form of power, and even produce the opposite effect. If there are many high-end gift packaging, the use of tall form, the cost of materials, do not seek the best only for the most expensive, this product has now fallen into the quagmire of revolution.

2, pay attention to the transmission of commodity information

Tea box Packaging information processing, it can be said that the content of advertising is particularly important. In the design to pay attention to the packaging of the communication function, we must clearly and accurately convey the contents of goods and merchandise features. If the packaging of the handkerchief was mistaken for the packaging of the socks, then the form of decoration and then the United States, and then novel, but also failed. Tea gift box the same way, the use of green tea packaging box with green tea that is not up to Italy, loaded Dahongpao bag printed on the pattern of chrysanthemum tea is Oolong incident.

Tea box Form of treatment, of course, the difference between the United States and the United States, it is difficult to imagine a package without a sense of beauty will be attractive, but the beauty of the performance should first come from the performance of goods and the development of the United States. Cosmetics and hardware supplies each have their beauty; orange juice is the United States, the same ink has its beauty; an electronic calculator of science and beauty of a new women's decorative beauty. These can become a packaging in the form of open resources. A variety of goods modeling the United States, the structure of the United States, the United States and the United States can be in the form of packaging products in the form of performance and play, which is an important basis for the packaging of the United States.

3, pay attention to the different aesthetic awareness of consumer objects

Tea box The uniqueness of the packaging form can not leave the general knowledge of the consumer. Beauty and not the United States refers to the feelings of people, with the subjective factors. Different ages, different genders, different cultures, different occupations, different nationalities, different countries and people in the same region tend to have different aesthetic awareness of aesthetic taste. The form of packaging of children's toys and the packaging of older products, the form of packaging of male supplies and the packaging of women's products, must have a great difference due to occupation, culture and other differences, some people like bright colors, and some Like the simple tone. The same is purple, some people feel luxurious, some people feel mysterious. Visible, can not require the general form of packaging to adapt to the community of all people, designed to address the specific consumption of the common understanding to deal with.