Tea Box Production Process
30 July 04

According to the different materials of tea boxes have different production process, and the use of machines and handmade skills are not the same.

First, the wooden tea box production process: wooden tea box according to the material has solid wood tea box, MDF tea box and plywood tea box three, of which solid wood tea box and MDF tea box is the most common. Its production process, the first solid wood tea box is the choice of materials that is the choice of wood wood production, commonly used beech, pine, rubber wood and other solid wood, wood selection time to choose the whole piece of wood or wood has been a good material Plate, MDF plate, deck, etc .; selected materials after the next step in the woodworking workshop for wood cuttings in the stitching, and the beginning of the embryos of the sand; wood embryo production if the choice of logs can be directly out Finished products do not do the appearance of the process, directly to the packaging of the finished packaging. But most of the time the surface of the wooden box need to do the processing of paint and other modified patterns, this time the wood embryo on the need for base oil, scrub, color oil, and surface oil treatment, if it is matte paint effect does not need to polish the light paint You need to be polished, and the wooden tea box logo production process includes the following ways: bronzing, silk screen, paste the metal word, embossed, carved, paste the metal plate and other production methods.

Second, the paper tea box production process:

1, the choice of paper, including the appearance of the material (special paper, parchment, PU leather, coated paper, paper)

2, embryo body material selection (gray card, single white card, double white card, double copper card, single copper card, green plastic embryo, etc.)

3, the production of Daomo, and try the beer and materials of the test package, to be confirmed after the process and practice of bulk batch of materials for bulk preparation

4, in the assembly workshop for the assembly of the box and hand-made and packaged out of the finished product

Third, the production of iron tea box process

1, selection: tinplate, aluminum and so on

2, making mold

3, on the machine test beer

4, confirmed after the bulk of the finished product

In recent years the production process continues to upgrade, customer demand continues to optimize, the new process after another.