The Importance Of Tea Box
30 July 04

In order to better adapt to the rapid development of the times, in order to better "marketing" their own, but also to allow more people concerned about their own and so on, most people like to wrap the tea box in order to better marketing. From a certain sense: the packaging itself is indeed called the smart move, after all, in the case of high talent index, can be the first time to be attracted attention have the opportunity to get attention. Everything is so, CCTV advertising is one of the high ratings.

With the rapid development of social development, the level of human appreciation continues to improve, we are 'packaging' pursuit is also constantly updated, from simple to complex, there is always a process of development. To promote a product, or a message: from the original simple print ads to the newspaper advertising, live advertising, and then to the Internet release; that personal resume: from a simple self-introduction to fill in the form, make a personal resume, Exquisite business card to attract attention; exchange business cards: from a single black and white business cards to color business cards, and then to the exquisite innovation of business cards, etc., all show that the fierce competition in today's society.

The use of packaging, in the present to become a habit, learn to packaging is a development trend, but this habit and the trend in reality there is no perfect loopholes.

In reality there are even a lot of people have come into contact with some flashy things: the packaging is very good, apart from nothing; resume is very beautiful, but no real talent; business card job is high, in fact, no real power; : Packaging on the display of senior qualifications, business talks exchange business cards, but nervous shaking, it is clear that graduation soon.

There is a professional fan writers in the online part-time job has been unable to wish: most of the favorable job recruitment disappointment; hiring experienced talent, but met graduate students, due to lack of practice, and ultimately can not play the important task.

In the legal society, fair competition is particularly important, tea box have to seek truth from facts.