The Use Of Tea Box Production Pattern
30 July 04

Tea born in nature, long in nature, learn the world of nectar, to absorb all things Aura, is a green drink. Therefore, the production of tea box, but also to pass the tea of this "green" temperament. Here, Xiaobian to share with you some of the tea box production of color and pattern of the use of skills, together to find out, I hope to help you.

Tea box production color use:

The color of tea packaging design has a very important effect on the psychological impact of customers, Japanese scientists found that people's attention to color is far greater than the shape of the attention. "Look at the color, near the flower" to illustrate the image of the color has a compelling, moving people and attract customers an important role. People have a subjective feelings of color and objective feelings, different consumers often lead to different colors of different associations.

In the tea packaging design with color, in addition to consider the variety of goods, grade, for the occasion, but also consider the consumer's customs and appreciation of the habit. At present, the varieties of tea on the market can be divided into green tea, black tea, black tea, black tea, white tea and green tea according to the different colors of tea. We should use different colors for different varieties of tea.

Such as black tea soup color Hongyan clear, drink when the entrance of alcohol and, fresh and lasting, memorable Jun thick, taste in the fragrance, we should use warm colors, people have rich, taste thick sense of green tea color green, fragrant and strong, with " Shaped beauty, color green, fragrant, taste alcohol "four must, is the best in tea We should use green, blue and so cool colors, people have a fresh fresh feeling; white tea is characterized by white body covered with soup apricot, tea fragrance fragrance, taste alcohol, and so should use light, soft colors ...

The use of tea box production pattern:

Tea packaging design pattern of the use of patterns can make the goods more image, lively and interesting. Designers should be full of design factors combined with the visual graphics so that consumers have a wealth of psychological association, affecting the feelings of consumers, to stimulate consumer desire to buy.

Tea is a kind of national commodity, we can use some traditional designs such as Chinese painting, decorative patterns, auspicious patterns and folk paper-cut, ethnic minority patterns with strong national culture, but can not just stay in the copy And copy some of the traditional patterns, but should be our traditional art of teaser, subtle, delicate and other aesthetic characteristics of the essence of national culture into them.

For example, we can use the traditional cultural symbols such as simplification, exaggeration, contrast interspersed, spread, break up and other means to re-combination, so that it has the national characteristics at the same time without losing the modern, glow more charming style, that The traditional Chinese culture with modern design techniques to penetrate into the tea packaging design, so that subtle expression.