What Kind Of Texture Of The Cutting Board Better Use
30 July 04

Cooking process, a very important part of the food is cut, and cut the food when the most inseparable from the tools, in addition to the knife, of course, is an anvil. Do not underestimate this flat often a board, it inside the "doorway" really a lot of it! Not only that, for the choice of cutting board, not only related to the health of the whole family, but also related to the important concept of environmental protection, is really "can not be overlooked" ah! Take a look!

PE material (multi-color)

Plastic cutting board

PP material

PE material

PE material

Plastic cutting board:

Plastic cutting board is divided into two kinds, one for the PE material, one for the PP material. PE material cutting board is characterized by: can show a variety of colors, thick cutting board made of layered, the price is relatively cheap; and PP material density higher than the PE, are one molding (not layered), the color is only white one Species, the price is much more expensive than the PE material.