Why Household Cutting Board Preferred Bamboo Cutting Board
30 July 04

Every kitchen is inseparable from the cutting board, but bamboo should be the material of choice. Cutting board manufacturers stated that the common cutting boards on the market today are made of bamboo, wood and plastic, but qualified bamboo cutting boards should be made of natural plants. The materials are more solid, not easy to crack, clean and clean. It is also more convenient.

     Because the bamboo cutting board is easy to dry, it is not easy to mold and has a bad smell. It is a good choice. In the ointment is that bamboo cutting board is not enough because of the thickness, mostly made of splicing, can not withstand the hit, so it is best used to cut vegetables or fruits, while the meat is not very suitable. After use, clean it in time, hang it vertically and hang it in a ventilated place to let it dry. Do not put close to the wall or flat, otherwise the other side can not dry, it is easy to breed mold. When cleaning, you can use a hard brush to wash with detergent, and then washed repeatedly with clean water, can also be used hot water wash, can play a bactericidal effect.

Bamboo cutting bord (4).jpg