Wooden Cutting Board Bamboo Cutting Board And The Good?
30 July 04

1, bamboo cutting boards: strong and less prone to cracking or dregs; easy to clean, dirt, not stuck in a crevice; easy to dry, so to avoid mildew and odors. However, bamboo cutting boards is spliced together, should not be smashed, meat damage.

2, bamboo cutting boards and wooden cutting boards, are made from natural materials, a qualified bamboo cutting board is made of natural plant. Because no complex texture of the bamboo itself, its wood is strong and close, so long used nor prone to cracking and falling. As we all know, cutting boards after use, often remains stranded on the cutting board. Benefits of using bamboo cutting board cutting board surface is not easy to crack, dirt is difficult to jam into the gap, clean, clean. From the perspective of damp, absorbent bamboo wood so strong, easily dried after being washed, not easy to mold;

3, wooden cutting boards: for material thickness and toughness, and suitable for cut meat and bone. However, the disadvantages of wood cutting board very much prone to when using wood residue, if eaten into the patient, long-term consumption of detrimental human health; may be piled up dirt, bacteria, it is not easy to clean; absorbent strong, not easy to dry, so often moldy, eat foods that contain mold can easily lead to intestinal diseases.

4, wood cutting boards are also natural materials, processing of plastic is not an issue, from this point of view, is more environmentally friendly choice. Wooden cutting boards inherit the properties of wood, "honest" material ensures the toughness of wood cutting board, so rather than the bamboo cutting boards used to cut meat or solid foods;

Wood cutting board the advantages and disadvantages are there? these small details, if you got it! wood cutting board bamboo cutting board and that good? cutting board bamboo cutting board and each have their own advantages, I believe that after reading the above small series of detailed answers, also have learned, want answers to small series can help you.