Wooden Cutting Boards What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?
30 July 04

1, bamboo cutting boards, slightly lighter than wood, easy to fake, quality is relatively stable, safer to use, but its density wood cutting boards, and thick enough to splice into, so cannot be hit. A small Panel on the market for whole bamboo surfaces, this cutting board surface does not use chemicals, but also not easy to crack, but the price is slightly higher, is a new selection of health and environmental protection.

2, bamboo cutting board is a small series of today recommended cutting board bamboo cutting board not only the health of all natural materials the aim of environmental protection, and achieve the aspirations of the majority of consumers want inexpensive. Bamboo has a natural aroma and has a natural bactericidal effect, you can play the role of automatic sterilization, brings more than a protection for your health.

3, wooden cutting board when used for the first time if you soak it in water for a day or so of time, in later times would not have to worry about cracking it! in the usual time to choose cool cutting board, a piece of meat, a piece of cut vegetables. Later is usually cleaning be sure to carefully wash cutting boards don't look clean is not washed, sawdust and debris on the wooden cutting board must be scraped with a knife. Then rinse with warm water.