Bamboo Salad Servers Wholesale
Bamboo salad servers wholesale Elegant salad servers for our various salad bowl options Unique, oblong shape Made from durable acacia wood that is easy to care for Fancy for gift, 1 pair of acacia oblong salad hands Dimensions (W x D x H): 12" x 2 1/2" x 1" MOQ:1000PCS
Acacia Square Salad Bowl
Acacia square salad bowl Acaciaware 4-inch by 4-inch by 1.5-inch height square dipping bowl, nut bowl or spice bowl, set of four Hand crafted from one solid piece of acacia hardwood The tight grain of genuine Acaciaware acacia wood resists penetration by liquids, and will not stain or pick up...
Large Bamboo Salad Fruit Bowl
Large bamboo salad fruit bowl Totally bamboo material, eco-friendly Gift for housewarming, kitchenware Store away from heat and sunlight
Bamboo Wood Salad Servers
Bamboo wood salad servers Elegant salad servers compliment our various salad bowl options (bowls sold separately) Contemporary and ergonomically designed, they are perfect for tossing and serving salad
Wood Salad Bowl Wholelsale
Wood salad bowl wholelsale Beautiful as a centerpiece bowl and generously sized with a beautiful shape. Easy to care for and clean, eco-friendly and non-toxic.
Organic Acacia Salad Hands
Organic acacia salad hands Salad hands are the perfect accessory for your serving bowls (bowls sold separately) Contemporary and whimsical design is perfect for tossing and serving salad Made from acacia that is easy to care for - Hand wash only 1 pair of acacia salad hands Dimensions (W x D x...
Bamboo Wooden Salad Claws with Groove
They are distinctly attractive, super strong and brilliantly designed.
Bamboo Wood Salad Hands, Salad Claws
Bamboo salad hands are perfect for week day meals or dinner parties; they will become your go-to salad servers in a hurry!