Wooden Colorful Salad Bowl Sets
Wooden colorful salad bowl sets All the fancy bamboo, acacia wood salad serving set is not only restricted to restaurants anymore. You can have your own collection of finest organic fda approved healthy mango wood salad pans, giving you the most eco friendly delight. It makes for an easy...
Wooden Bowl And Spoon
Wooden bowl and spoon COCONUT SHELL BOWLS: Beautiful all natural serving bowls for kale salads smoothies or breakfast food ORGANIC SERVING SET: Unique vegan dinnerware sets are perfect for dinner parties picnics and brunch NATURAL OR POLISHED FINISH: Bowl sets are available in a sleek polished...
White Porcelain Oval Shaped Salad Bowl & Servers
White Porcelain Oval Shaped Salad Bowl & Servers White Porcelain Oval Shaped Salad Bowl Complete with White Bamboo Stand Set includes 2 wooden Salad Servers Ideal for a romantic meal for two! Size: 19cm x 21cm x 10cm Approx MOQ:1000PCS
Bamboo Swing Salad Bowl Set
Bamboo swing salad bowl set Dimensions: Approx Height 23cm Width 38cm MOQ: 1000PCS
Bamboo Wooden Salad Pasta Set
Bamboo wooden salad pasta set Use this Bamboo bowl to prepare and serve Salads and Pasta Its got a warm golden honey coloured hue and an be used as a Bowl for Hobby or as a Decoration piece The Rectangular design tapers towards the base making it easy to clean and store The bowl comes complete...
Natural Bamboo Salad Bowl With Hands
Natural bamboo salad bowl with hands Bowl of salad bowl made of bamboo with utensils. Measures 30 x 23.5 x 10.4 cm MOQ: 1000PCS
Hot Sale Bamboo Salad Bowl Set
Hot sale bamboo salad bowl set Simply 3 piece set with fancy outlook MOQ: 1000PCS
3 Piece Wooden Salad Bowl Set
3 piece wooden salad bowl set Pull together all your favorite ingredients to make your famous spinach salad or a beautiful fruit salad in this Harmony Salad bowl. The contrast of the deep wood against the bright greens and succulent elements enhances the appeal of your dish for a gourmet...
Curved Wooden Salad Bowl
Curved wooden salad bowl Natural gorgeous Acacia hardwood salad bowl Rich, dark colors and beautiful, contrasting patterns Package Included: 2 pcs spoon (12-Inch x 2.6-Inch x 0.625-Inch), 1 large acacia wave bowl - Measures: 12" diameter End-grain, Nice looking and well made, durable Easy...
3 Piece Natural Bamboo Salad Bowl Set
3 piece natural bamboo salad bowl set Tough, Sturdy kitchenware Anti-Bacterial properties Size:11*11*4 easy to clean and maintain Pack in colorful box
3 Piece Acacia Salad Bowl Set
3 piece acacia salad bowl set Attractive 10-inch serving bowl with 12-inch servers can be used for all types of pasta or salads Durable, resinous acacia hardwood with rich color and prominent grain Harvested using careful practices to protect and sustain the environment Handcrafted for subtly...
Square Bamboo Salad Bowl Set
Square bamboo salad bowl set P erfect for casual or formal dining; attractive bamboo matches all types of dinnerware and serveware sets. Can also be used as a decorative piece in any room in the house. The lovely honey color of Bamboo is produced entirely naturally, without the use of stain or...